Posted by: murrini | January 24, 2012

Welcome to Camas Ranch!

We are a small business located in Southern Trinity County, California. For non-locals Trinity County is approximately the size of Rhode Island, yet has no incorporated cities, and in fact even has no permanent traffic lights in the entire county. Our beautiful 15 acre ranch is perfectly situated for us and our love of horses, we can ride right off the ranch and access hundreds of miles of trails, thousands of acres of National Forest Land and eventually the Yolla Bolly- Middle Eel Wilderness.

We created the business for a number of reasons, first to serve the needs of our area for pet & livestock feeds. Our remote location creates a hardship for many people to get affordable & reliable products for their animals. Secondly, the services we provide such as logging, training and packing are just extensions of the hobbies we enjoy with our horses, while providing a way to assist in financing our obsession! Third, we really want to share the fun we have with others! If you have never had the opportunity to be around a team of Draft Horses, especially ones giving all they have logging, or taking a trip out into the back country with a pack string behind you, you are missing out on some amazing things!

Keep checking in while we get this all up and running. The website is close to finished and should be up real soon. The Feed store should be getting stocked in about 2 weeks, though we can haul hay now (granted it is scarce this winter), and we are taking reservations for Logging, training and packing jobs starting this spring. We have already been contacted for a logging/ public education job  and there will be a limited number of openings for logging opportunities this first year  so contact us early, We expect to be busy!